Dear Wealth Seeker...

In just a few minutes, your financial life is about to change... forever!

If you are someone facing one of following situations in life:

Worried about paying your bills all the time

Unable to create financial abundance

Work long hours but just can’t seem to get wealthy

Join opportunity after opportunity but getting nowhere

Find it hard to save money

Watch your money go up and down like a yo-yo all the time

Find yourself going through one struggle after another

Looking for a way to solve all your financial problems once and for all...

Guess what... you are ready to have the biggest financial breakthrough you will ever see....


I Was Broke, Jobless, Depressed And Deemed Least Likely To Succeed In Life...


I'm gonna share a story with you about my past and the hardships of my 'past' life.

Several years ago I was in a really bad place and as far as my finances were concerned (along with many other things in my life) I was by far the WORST of the WORST!

I was brought up in a really non indulgent, performance-oriented Asian family, I was taught that I had to stick out from the crowd to earn my place. it seemed that I had to fight tooth and nail just to earn respect in my family.

I have to give credit to my Mom and Dad as they supplied me with everything (and more) that a kid would have needed to be set up to face the world...

All the same I was hardheaded and blew off everything.

I'm totally serious here!


Just to give you an idea how bad I was...


I switched schools many times due to bad grades...
I had to re-do my 2nd year in my first college as I failed exams
My first college threw me out so I started in another to continue my streak of 'failure'
I continued this reckless pattern in my 2nd college
I went and got a full time job prior to finishing college (it's bad because in an Asian society, going to work without a degree will get you treated like a 2nd class citizen with little chance of success!)
And when I was ONLY one credit short of having my degree, I flunked my last paper AGAIN therefore getting kicked out of college yet again... when I was THAT CLOSE!!!


My Parents Had Sleepless Nights Over My Failures...


In short, I looked like a guy who is impossible to achieve financial success!

I understood that deep down, my parents loved me SO MUCH that they simply couldn't stand seeing me in this mess I created for myself.

They believed I was doomed as they thought that I didn't have what was needed to get ahead!

So I did what any college dropout would do...

I went to work!

But my employment history was even worse than school!

I've worked at so many different jobs that Guiness might even consider me for a record of having the most odd jobs in the span of 2 years!

Still... I had no money!

Because... most of these jobs, I was either fired or I quit shortly after I began. Either I couldn't stand having a J.O.B. or I kept on believing that I was doomed to fail.

Not knowing what to do, I decided to be a business owner and thought that that would change my life forever...

I was wrong... My fist attempts at this were failures as well.

It Was An All Time 'Low' For Me!

But I never gave up hope. My parents had taught me that.

At that point in time, things looked bleak... but my luck was about to change!


I Noticed That A Pattern Was Emerging... Why Some People Can Become Wealthy Easily And Some Do Not...


When I hit rock bottom, it suddenly dawned on me that the reason why I have been struggling to make minimum wage is because of what's going on within me.

After failing so many times in so many different things, I started to see a pattern within myself and I even noticed a pattern in wealthy people.

If there was any consolation, hitting rock bottom showed me the truth - that being wealthy had nothing to do with your parents, your siblings and even the friends you hang out with.

It had nothing to do with education, intelligence, status or even race and religion!

It has everything to do with the way you attract wealth!

I call this the Wealth Attraction Code.

A lot of people do not realize that there is a secret code that you have to crack if you want to win the wealth game.

The reason why I have been failing all this time was because I didn't know how to play this wealth game and win it!

And to win this game, you have to play by their rules - universal rules and laws that govern the way wealth is created.

It took me a few years to work this out and perfect the formula.

And this formula gave me a 180 transformation to my financial situation!


My Life Started To Transform Since I 'Cracked' This Wealth Attraction Code

I went on with my businesses, struggling to get started, struggling to get bills paid, struggling to get customers to creating a successful business that gave me the ability to create wealth and travel all over the world!

I was on an upward spiral.

I was featured in a prominent financial magazine.


I was also featured in Secrets of Asia's Most Successful Internet Gurus.

Me teaching students about Internet marketing, creating wealth and success.

Traveling the world with my wife...

It dawned on me that...


If Someone Like Me Who Had Literally Nothing - Could Use This 'Code' To Get Everything I Wanted In Life, You Can Too!


If I knew then what I knew now, it would definitely save me years and thousands of dollars with of heartache and mistakes.

But I do not regret what I've gone through, because my struggles have given me a form of appreciation for others going through the same struggles that I've gone through.

If you are struggling with your finances, I truly feel for you and I would like to do everything in my power to help you.

Because of what I've gone through, I know without a doubt that you can benefit from what I have discovered and create a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

Once you harness this Wealth Attraction Code, it will completely transform your financial situation in ways that you can never imagine.


The Wealth Attraction Code

Crack The Code To Discover The Quickest, Easiest Way To Attract Wealth… Even If You Do Not Believe You Are A Money Magnet.


I've created a course with the sole purpose of transforming your financial future not through conscious programming, not even though sub-conscious programming but at a cellular level.

The code for wealth is contained within these course - split into 5 modules.

You will learn how to crack the code that is keeping you from the riches that you truly deserve.


Let's Take A Closer Look At The Modules Within...


Here we go...

Module 1 - The Wealth Attraction Frequency
Understanding The Nature Of Money And Wealth And How To Get More Of It

This module will go through the basics on the relationship between money and wealth and will lay the foundation for a good financial future. Often, people who are unaware about the true nature of money will often struggle with it like a fish climbing a tree.


Learn why people some people often struggle with money and others attract money easily.


Unlock the mystery why some individuals work hard all their lives but still seem to repel money


How certain individuals are not able to achieve financial progress because they do not understand the real nature of money


Why wealth and money are not really the same thing and how it affects you


Create a special kind of frequency of your own that attracts money to you


Discover how to take the first step towards a glorious financial future


Module 2 - The Wealth Attraction DNA
Discover Your Inherent Wealth Attraction Level And Learn What Is Holding You Back

The biggest reason why people cannot succeed in creating wealth is not because of the economy, their intelligence, their education nor their background... it is because of their Wealth Attraction DNA - the cellular structure of your ability to attract wealth. By altering your Wealth Attraction DNA, you will have a much easier time creating the wealth you truly desire.


Do a powerful exercise in this module to discover what your true Wealth Attraction DNA is all about...


This module reveals the hinderances to your wealth that you are not aware of on a cellular level


Learn how the 'programming' of the past have led you to make the financial decisions you have today


Discover why your Wealth Attraction DNA doesn't change throughout your lifetime if you remain unaware of it


The exercises also reveal ways why for some people, money seems to disappear as quickly as they get them...


Discover how your view of life directly correlates to your wealth patterns throughout your entire life



Module 3 - The Wealth Attraction Hierarchy
Understanding Why Your Wealth Stays The Same And How To Get To A Higher Level

Once you discover your wealth level, you will learn ways how you can increase your wealth level so you will be able to create and keep more money. Your wealth level or hierarchy is just like a cup. The higher your wealth level, the more you will be able to store and nature will come and fill it up - the bigger the cup, the bigger you'll get.

Discover the unseen hierarchy behind the world's financial system and learn why those who are unaware of it seldom succeed


Learn why we exist in one of the 6 levels within this hierarchy and how it relates to our financial ability


Discover the world of what it is like behind each level and the benefits and disavantages of being in each of them


How each person within each hierarchy has a 'level of visibility' that affects all the decision one makes about their money


Why a person at a lower level will never be able to create wealth at a level higher than that


Learn how to climb the levels so that your ability to create and retain wealth is dramatically increased!


Module 4 - The Wealth Attraction Polarity
Removing Self Defeating Blocks So That You Prevent Yourself From Losing Your Wealth

We all have wealth blocks that operate 24/7. If you are unaware of these blocks, they would be costing you tons of money. By discovering what these blocks are, you can 'switch' it around on the other polarity which means making your wealth attraction work FOR you rather than AGAINST you!


Discover why people keep on attracting what they do not want in life hence causing them even more misery and pain


Learn how you can attract the things you truly want in life and create an upward spiral for your life


Create a 'polarity' so you can quickly differentiate what is helping to attract what you want versus what you don't want.


Mind strategies you can implement immediately to hasten your manifestation ability right away


Cut out all the negative beliefs that are holding you back on a subconscious level


Exercises you can work so you can start manifesting money right away!


Module 5 - The Wealth Attraction Magnet
Fine Tuning Your Ability To Attract Wealth On Overdrive

This contains the final piece to the puzzle because you want to learn how you can attract wealth and money on autopilot.


The last and most powerful exercise that will help you to create tremendous clarity in getting the wealth of your dreams


Mind hacks that will allow you to draw into the power of the future and bring it into the present


Break the vicious cycle of financial struggles and live a financially free life


Create a belief system within yourself so you will always get what you want even when others don't believe it


Turn your wealth creation and manifestation activities into a fun game so you will attract even more money


Find out your true reason for living and turn it onto a wealth attraction magnet!


Are You Ready To Transform Your Financial Future?

Attracting wealth and abundance isn't hard. And yes, I'm totally serious.

Does that shock or surprise you at all? The fact is, gaining money or abundance doesn't have to be a long, difficult, uphill battle. 

Naturally, you can try to become wealthy and have abundance the challenging way, by struggling and fighting in the "rat race." 

Or you are able to do things the bright way, by learning to live an abundant life, and refusing to trust in fairytale paradigms of ceaseless lack and limitation.

Paradigms that, unhappily, most individuals accept as "truth."

You just need the right tools to get you started...


How Much Will It Cost Me To Get This Course?

I have to be honest with you - writing this course for me wasn't just time consuming but it was also a huge emotional journey for me.

The reason why I can say this is because going through what I've gone through wasn't easy. Imagine all those nights I lay awake in bed wondering when my next dollar was going to come.

Perhaps you are going through a situation like this.

You wake up at night and you pray or you hope that, "Please... let me have one chance, just one chance to make it..."

I understand that feeling and that is why even though the material here is worth thousands of dollars, I promise you that I have no intention of charging this kind of price today.

Most people tell me that if I were to sell this at $497, it would be a steal.

So I was playing around with the idea whether to sell it at $197 or $497.

Then I sat down and realize that when I was struggling with money, I didn't even have $100 in my wallet.

My heart melted...

I realized what I had to do in order to get this out to as many people as possible.

Instead of selling this at $97, I've decided to make this deal even better.

So here's the deal:

You can get it all for:


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What Happens If I Do Not Buy This?


Chances are life will still go on the same way for you. Nothing bad will happen to you just because you do not buy this.

However, if you are truly sick and tired of your financial situation... if you are completely frustrated about the way you are dealing with your debts... if you look at your family each and every year and you still haven't taken them somewhere for a nice holiday then I strongly suggest that you take a good look at what you want for your financial future.

The future is what we make of it. And by each action and every inaction, you determine your future and your destiny.

But I can tell you what will happen if you buy this...

You will take a shot - a solid chance at changing your wealth and your financial future. So you will not live with regret the chances that you did not take. For I can guarantee that if you invest in yourself, you will find an answer that will lead you to a greater future.


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